Once the audio is on the lacquer disc it is electroplated to make metal parts for replication. These metal parts are used to stamp out the records. Mastered lacquers are chemically cleaned and sprayed with a silver solution. They are then placed into a tin bath with high voltage charge. The electric current causes the tin molecules to be attracted to the silver creating a build up of material. The more time given to this process the more material build up, the thicker the plate, hence different pricing for thickness. Once the desired thickness is reached the lacquer with tin negative is cleaned and separated.

From this point the tin plate can be used as a stamper - this is known as single step plating. In order to press large quantities of records multiple stampers can be produced by repeating this process. The first step stamper undergoes the plating process to produced a positive mirror image. This third generation can be plated repeatedly to produce multiple negative stampers.


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