Mastering is the process by which the master recording is transferred to the lacquer master disc.

The process can be a flat transfer where the master is transferred without changes to the lacquer master. Sometimes changes are necessary because there are limitations on what can be transferred to a lacquer disc. Excessive high frequencies will be attenuated and excessive low frequencies will prevent a loud record. Out of phase low frequency signals will cause skips. Changes can also be made to improve the sound.

Accepted master formats: 1/2" analog tape 1/4" analog tape DAT CD and various file formats.

The master is played into a disc recording lathe which cuts the groove on the lacquer master. A cutterhead mounted on it moves laterally across the lacquer master as it rotates on the turntable. The cutter head holds a stylus which vibrates and cuts the groove.

Specs for CD masters:

Please send 1 CD for each side (1 CD for side A, 1 CD for side B) If your audio is at 16 bits, it should be sent as .AIFF with the desired gaps between the tracks. Only music at higher bit rates (24-bit, etc.) should be sent as .WAV files!Each CD must be labeled with the following on a piece of paper in the jewel case or cd envelope:

  • Side (A or B)
  • Matrix #
  • Cut speed (33 rpm or 45 rpm)
  • Each track's name and timing
  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • "For BrooklynPhono"
NOTE: the first 3 of these things should be also written on the CD's themselves.


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